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Let's deep dive on how to build better businesses so we can live better lives.

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I spent the last decade building businesses, some failed, few flourish until this day. I lead teams of 50+ people, bootstrap 2 businesses and raised over $500M in venture capital in one. I am on a path to discovering the answers (and questions) to build better businesses. I hope to share this journey with you, fellow entrepreneur!

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  • Morning Session: Money Mindset
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Same-Day Design your Business Profit Plan


  • Morning Session: Revenues Plan
  • Mid-day Session: Spending Plan
  • Lunch together
  • Afternoon Session: Profitability & Cash Flow Plan

PHP 20,000.00 / VIP day

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I have done in-person and virtual speaking engagements at a number of companies, conferences, and private events covering a variety of topics including business, finance, startups and motivation.

For speaking inquiries, please send an email to kac.consulting.co@gmail.com

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